Thank you!

“Thank you Sun Youth for the amazing work you do!”

by Weiss Dara

We invite our donors to use this space to write short messages of hope to all the people in need during those difficult times!

Coronavirus Relief effort

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to our valued donors and to honour their important contribution by sharing their messages of hope on this wall. Some have chosen to speak to our emergency services teams, others to Quebec front-line workers, while others have addressed their messages to the general population: in all cases, their messages carry hope and optimism and restore our strength in these difficult times. We thank them warmly.

“Thank you Sun Youth for the amazing work you do!”

by Dara Weiss

“Just be well.”

by Alice Skurnik

“We wish you all the very best.”

by Glenn Rourke

“Pour soutenir celles et ceux qui soutiennent!”

by Emballages Roda inc.

“Merci pour le bon travail que vous faites.”

by Amrane Djouab

“Bon courage à tous!”

by Louise Duguay Sheitoyan